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Update on Fabriano Artistico paper – 1st February 2017

Hello everyone,

I thought it was time to write an update on the Fabriano Artistico paper situation.

Unfortunately, for the moment, the report is that there is nothing much to report on the paper front. The October earthquake in Italy hit the Pioraco Mill and the roof collapsed, damaging some of the machinery. Fortunately nobody was hurt but paper production at the mill has stopped. The other Fabriano mills have to make up for the loss of production and are working extra shifts to cover. This means no time for experiments… at least for the next few months. It will still happen, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer, probably after the summer.

In the meanwhile, here is a work in progress on Fabriano Artistico.

My thanks to Chiara from Fabriano for the info. I will post more news here about Fabriano Artistico next time I have something to report…




5 thoughts on “Update on Fabriano Artistico paper – 1st February 2017”

  1. Hi Sandrine!
    I just found your article about the Fabriano Artistico paper and it was such a GIGANTIC relief! I’m a draftwoman as well (because refering myself as ‘fine artist’ is awful haha) but, recently I ordered a batch of Fabriano Artistico (after my 2015 batch ran out) and I was staggered with the lowered quality of the paper. At first I thought I’ve lost the touch and I could not do anything good anymore, but I’ve recenty made some tests on the paper and found your blog and I was saved, it was the paper.
    Now I am in the tast of finding a paper that acomplishes what my beloved Fabriano artistico traditional white hot press used to do and found in another blog that Sauders Waterford hot press is a fine replacement. Have you tried it? or have you find another brand of paper that makes you happy?

    Thank you so much for reporting news about this, I really hope Fabriano make adjustments to their paper!



    1. Hi Kikyz, the Saunders Waterford Hot Pressed is great, but not as “pressed” as the Fabriano Artistico. Its texture lies somewhere between a Hot Pressed and a Cold Pressed. However, Saunders Waterford has recently released their Bockingford range in Hot Pressed (so far it was only available in NOT). I have been testing it and I like it very much. Definitely worth a try.
      Happy painting,


  2. Hello Sandrine, I am following the ‘Great Paper Chase’ to find the replacement for the Fabriano Artistico and have read that Moulin du Roy HP is a great choice; also, the St. Cuthberts Bockingford HP has been suggested. I’ve tried the Moulin du Roy & it IS GOOD (have not tried the Bockingford yet). You suggest using many light washes, which I agree with, but when I try that on other papers, the paper shreds, color lifts; it’s just a big mess. Since Fabriano is taking their sweet time bringing back their coveted paper, what are you using? Have you found the ‘perfect’ paper for many light washes? Thank you, Elaine Oxford, CT, USA


    1. Hi Elaine,
      I still have some of the old Artistico so I am still using this. I also liked Saunders Waterford HP, but it is now discontinued, replaced by their new “botanical” paper, which I don’t like as much as the old Saunders. The Bockinford HP only comes in 300 grams, which isn’t heavy enough for me. This kind of answers your next question: the way I get away with many washes is by using a heavy paper (640 grams). It takes any kind of abuse, never fluffs up, doesn’t buckle and the colour doesn’t lift. I tried Moulin du Roy while doing the Fabriano tests at RK Burt’s and didn’t like it much, but it was only a short trial on a sample so perhaps I should give it another go…


      1. Hi Sandrine,
        I just ordered a 12″x16″ pad (140lb) HP (12 sheets) of the Moulin du Roy on Amazon ($32.20USD) – I couldn’t find 300lb. I will give it a try, too. I recently painted a mango on a small sample from R.K. Burt, too; it worked out OK, but wasn’t quite sure, because I really didn’t give it too many large washes (maybe 3?). Please post some updates on how you make out using the MDR. Best, Elaine


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