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Daffodil drawing tutorial

It feels very spring like today over here, although there are still fifteen days of winter to go until the equinox and the official start of the spring season. The daffodils are really glowing in the sun, showing their best mixes of Hansa Yellow Light and Hansa Yellow Deep... A touch of Quinophthalone Yellow in… Continue reading Daffodil drawing tutorial

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New online course dates

The weather is getting a bit warmer over here and the birds in the garden haven't failed to notice. The dawn chorus is starting to wake me up in the morning (in the most delightful way). The various birds currently inhabiting our back garden have also taken to extensive bathing all of a sudden. The… Continue reading New online course dates

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Unexpected design in the shopping area

Good sunny afternoon! If you read my blog, you all know that I love watching the antics of the birds in my garden. You probably also know that I love working wet-on-wet with watercolours. You might even have noticed that I am in love with a Daniel Smith colour called Moonglow. You might not know… Continue reading Unexpected design in the shopping area

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Plant of the month: Ivy – September 2020

Order: Apiales Family: Araliaceae Genus: Hedera Type: Climber Propagation: Seed or cuttings Native to: Europe, Africa and Asia I expect some of you are thinking "Why on Earth would you have Ivy as Plant of The Month, when most people spend a considerable part of their gardening life trying to get rid of it?" Well, actually,… Continue reading Plant of the month: Ivy – September 2020

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Drawing Garden Roses 1: flat single rose (Rose Drawing Challenge 2020 Part 2)

First I want to thank my Patreon subscribers for sending me their drawings for the challenge. I hope that many of you my blog readers have been drawing too... I was going to publish my own three drawings in a single post/video, but the video ended up being almost one hour long... The last time… Continue reading Drawing Garden Roses 1: flat single rose (Rose Drawing Challenge 2020 Part 2)