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Painting pattern on a petal

Hi everyone, Have you ever tried painting a pattern on a petal? It can be tricky... If painted too wet, it spreads too much and the pattern disappears, melting into a blotchy mess of colours (which actually sounds rather nice...). If painted too dry, it stands out too much and looks like it's painted on… Continue reading Painting pattern on a petal

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Botanical art tutorial: pink and yellow rose petal

Hello everyone, There is a new tutorial in town! We are in full rose season and I couldn't resist painting a petal of this fascinating pink and yellow beauty. This is a really good subject to practice a different kind of colour-mixing, using layering of pure colours to mix by transparency rather than in the… Continue reading Botanical art tutorial: pink and yellow rose petal

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L’art botanique – Tutoriel Aquarelle

I guess that the French people who follow me on this blog, watch my YouTube channel and subscribe to my Patreon site speak English to a degree or they wouldn't find the whole thing particularly interesting... But as I have quite a few of you from the other side of the Channel, (the watery channel,… Continue reading L’art botanique – Tutoriel Aquarelle

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Crimson Rose Petal watercolour tutorial

Roses have been spectacular this summer and most of mine are now in their second wave of flowering. In one of my beds I have this wonderful small crimson rose bush, which flowers until the first frosts and beyond. I don't know its name as it is very old and lived in the garden before… Continue reading Crimson Rose Petal watercolour tutorial