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13 top tip to get details right in botanical art

  Hello everyone, I have put together 13 great tips to get the details right in your botanical paintings. From drawing advice to botany, from wet-in-wet washes to dry brush technique, these 13 tips span the whole painting process, from the moment you pick your subject to the finishing touches on the final piece of… Continue reading 13 top tip to get details right in botanical art

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New video – Purple Tulip tutorial full throttle

New video alert! This one is the purple tulip tutorial, but approached slightly differently from my previous tutorial videos. I am not talking (well, not much) and the painting speed is multiplied by 2000. You can see the whole painting being done in under 3 minutes. I have also started posting the same tutorial but… Continue reading New video – Purple Tulip tutorial full throttle

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New PDF tutorial – Purple tulip

I'm trying to keep you busy... I listed a new PDF tutorial in my Etsy shop, part of the Colours of Nature PDF collection. This is tutorial number 4, TUT04. (click here to get there) There will be a speeded up video to go with the tutorial on my YouTube channel, which will take a… Continue reading New PDF tutorial – Purple tulip

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Anatomy of a tulip – Video

Here is the first video in my 2020 tulip phase. I go through one of these every year. Unfortunately this year my tulip craving will be hard to feed. The much anticipated crops of 'Black Parrot', 'Burgundy' and 'Apricot Beauty' I planted in my garden were all eaten by something unknown and mysterious, while West… Continue reading Anatomy of a tulip – Video