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Ginkgo leaves video tutorial

Hi everyone, I wish you all a happy, healthy and creative 2023! My third video tutorial for Fabriano is out... This time we are painting three Ginkgo leaves. I have really enjoyed working with the team at Fabriano. They are really nice to work with and they also taught me a couple of technical things… Continue reading Ginkgo leaves video tutorial

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Painting pattern on a petal

Hi everyone, Have you ever tried painting a pattern on a petal? It can be tricky... If painted too wet, it spreads too much and the pattern disappears, melting into a blotchy mess of colours (which actually sounds rather nice...). If painted too dry, it stands out too much and looks like it's painted on… Continue reading Painting pattern on a petal

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Did I mention how much I like Daniel Smith Moonglow?

I probably did... Moonglow is a ready-made grey by Daniel Smith. I am not generally fond of ready-made greys because they are often made of a black pigment mixed with something else to soften the colour. Moonglow is different: the grey is obtained not by using a black as a base, but by mixing three… Continue reading Did I mention how much I like Daniel Smith Moonglow?