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Onlince classes – March 2022 dates

Hello, I haven't been here for a little while... I have been away in Scotland, swimming with Nessie and walking in the snow, my favourtie kind of holidays! There is going to be quite a few posts in March to make up for my absence 🙂 For a start, here are the dates for the… Continue reading Onlince classes – March 2022 dates

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Drawing pears tutorial

Do you like to draw and paint pears? They are one of the subjects I have painted the most and I still keep coming back to them year after year. Mr Sandrine (as my students call him) has even written this motto for me: "If in doubt, paint a pear". If I am ever in… Continue reading Drawing pears tutorial

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Online classes dates for September and free class for my Patreon subscribers

Hi everyone, It is time to publish online classes dates for September and to announce a free online live class for my Patreon subscribers. This month we're looking at fruit, more specifically at pears. The first class is a drawing one, showing really easy ways to draw pears of different sizes and proportions and also… Continue reading Online classes dates for September and free class for my Patreon subscribers

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Online classes – April 2021

Hello! We are starting to ease the lockdown in the UK today and we have a glorious week of sunshine to celebrate! This also means great light to paint and film... I am going into a pattern of three online classes a month. One 1 hour class (art lesson related to drawing or technique/colour) +… Continue reading Online classes – April 2021

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Daffodil drawing tutorial

It feels very spring like today over here, although there are still fifteen days of winter to go until the equinox and the official start of the spring season. The daffodils are really glowing in the sun, showing their best mixes of Hansa Yellow Light and Hansa Yellow Deep... A touch of Quinophthalone Yellow in… Continue reading Daffodil drawing tutorial