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My favourite colours in my Etsy shop

Hello everyone! I finally got round to it, after talking about it for a long time, I listed some of my little mobile shop I take to courses in my online Etsy shop. This means that you can now get my favourite colours in small quantities rather than shelling out for big 15ml tubes before… Continue reading My favourite colours in my Etsy shop

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Holly video tutorial

Greetings! Just in time for Christmas, I uploaded a Holly video tutorial on my YouTube channel Atelier Sandrine Maugy. I also made a longer, paint-along version, which is made of four episodes with a running total of 1 h 42 minutes. This is a lot of footage to edit, which is why the video is… Continue reading Holly video tutorial

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Unexpected design in the shopping area

Good sunny afternoon! If you read my blog, you all know that I love watching the antics of the birds in my garden. You probably also know that I love working wet-on-wet with watercolours. You might even have noticed that I am in love with a Daniel Smith colour called Moonglow. You might not know… Continue reading Unexpected design in the shopping area

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Red Poppy downloadable tutorial

Good Monday everyone! The Red Poppy tutorial has landed in my Etsy shop. Please click here for a link. As usual my Patreon subscribers can download it for free on my Patreon site (click here): it is already there waiting for you! It will stay there for the next two weeks so if you are… Continue reading Red Poppy downloadable tutorial

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L’art botanique – Tutoriel Aquarelle

I guess that the French people who follow me on this blog, watch my YouTube channel and subscribe to my Patreon site speak English to a degree or they wouldn't find the whole thing particularly interesting... But as I have quite a few of you from the other side of the Channel, (the watery channel,… Continue reading L’art botanique – Tutoriel Aquarelle