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Online classes – April 2021

Hello! We are starting to ease the lockdown in the UK today and we have a glorious week of sunshine to celebrate! This also means great light to paint and film... I am going into a pattern of three online classes a month. One 1 hour class (art lesson related to drawing or technique/colour) +… Continue reading Online classes – April 2021

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Reds for painting poppies – Video tutorial

Layering different reds to get the right colour (This example is painted using Daniel Smith colours) Would you like to paint a poppy but you are not sure which reds to use? Then this video tutorial should help... Depending on the colour of your poppy, from bright scarlet to deep crimson, these four reds in… Continue reading Reds for painting poppies – Video tutorial

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Hampshire Artists Open Studio 2020 – Exhibition virtual tour

I know that some of you would have normally visited my Open Studio Exhibition for a chat and a cuppa but you have to stay away this year. So I shot a quick video, giving you a virtual tour of my studio and the spilling over of the exhibition in the living room. Please don't… Continue reading Hampshire Artists Open Studio 2020 – Exhibition virtual tour

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Etsy shop – Revamped

Hello everyone, Nothing like a heatwave to motivate me to revamp my Etsy shop. The sky is so blue it hurts the eyes, the birds are snoozing in the Magnolia grandiflora, and a cloud of butterflies is grudgingly but always elegantly sharing the Lavenders with the buff-tailed bumblebees. I am sun-soaked, full of beans and… Continue reading Etsy shop – Revamped

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Mixing all your greens from one tube – One simple trick

Are you struggling with your green mixes? Here is a simple trick to get a range of greens from a single tube, adding only three primary colours that will already be in your painting, reducing the risk of mixing muddy colours. If you are using my Harmonic Shadows method, you already have one of each… Continue reading Mixing all your greens from one tube – One simple trick