Here is a list of art materials and equipment I use and mention in my blog posts and tutorials. Click on items and links will open in a new tab. Some are affiliate links to the Jackson’s Art Supplies website or Amazon. Some links go to my own Etsy shop. I will add to the list as I upload more posts on my blog.




My book ‘Colours of Nature’ is available to buy at Jackson’s Art Supplies here or on Amazon here.

If you would like a signed copy or a personalised message, you can order a copy from my Etsy shop here.


Drawing:Pencilcase poppyPencilcase HydrangeaBW 1

Pencil case with my own botanical design: Hydrangea, Poppy, Echinacea and Ginkgo leaves

pencilcase echinacea

Seawhite Cartridge paper A4

Seawhite Cartridge paper A3

TraceDown transfer paper

PVC free erasertombowmonozero

Tombow Mono Zero fine eraser pens

Pentel mechanical pencil 0.5 mm

Set of 4 Pentel mechanical pencils in different sizes

blog notebooks2020 4 designs

 A5 sketchbooks with my designs on the covers


Set of 12 essential colours in tubes from Jackson’s

colour tun 4
Tin box


Tin box for paint tubes, with my colour wheel design

Daniel Smith watercolours


Cruelty-free synthetic watercolour brushes

Fabriano 640 grams HP paper

Empty metal 24 half-pans box

 Ink:kuretake pen set

Kuretake Manga dip pen

Winsor & Newton Peat Brown ink

Waterproof black ink

Waterproof black pen