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Online classes – April 2021

Hello! We are starting to ease the lockdown in the UK today and we have a glorious week of sunshine to celebrate! This also means great light to paint and film... I am going into a pattern of three online classes a month. One 1 hour class (art lesson related to drawing or technique/colour) +… Continue reading Online classes – April 2021

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New type of online class: it’s Painting Day!

Greetings fellow painters, Blue Anemone, work in progress The online classes are getting into a nice rhythm and they are proving popular, so I am back with more but different: the Painting Day. The format and whole ambience will be different from the other classes. The session will be longer so there will be time… Continue reading New type of online class: it’s Painting Day!

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Daffodil drawing tutorial

It feels very spring like today over here, although there are still fifteen days of winter to go until the equinox and the official start of the spring season. The daffodils are really glowing in the sun, showing their best mixes of Hansa Yellow Light and Hansa Yellow Deep... A touch of Quinophthalone Yellow in… Continue reading Daffodil drawing tutorial

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New online course dates

The weather is getting a bit warmer over here and the birds in the garden haven't failed to notice. The dawn chorus is starting to wake me up in the morning (in the most delightful way). The various birds currently inhabiting our back garden have also taken to extensive bathing all of a sudden. The… Continue reading New online course dates

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New online classes

Hello, With the daffodil online class coming up tomorrow and following the launch of a new tier on Patreon, I thought it would be good to plan more online classes to keep everyone busy... Drawing and painting snowdrops - Tuesday 23 February from 2 to 4pm  In this class we will start from scratch and… Continue reading New online classes