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Workshops Isle of Wight, London and West Dean

While I am busy keeping an eye on the adventurous and frankly completely out of control baby blackbirds in my garden, let’s do an update on courses for the rest of 2019…

I am doing a series of workshops on the Isle of Wight this summer and autumn. Once a month on a Tuesday I catch the ferry, carrying my paintbox and hoping for a calm day on the Solent. The group is a mix of people I have known and taught for many years and some new people who have just found us. It is a very friendly group and newbies are always welcome. If you are already on the Island, the venue is easy to get to in Gurnard. If you are on the mainland and fancy a day out painting on the Isle of Wight, there is always someone picking us up from the ferry terminal. The forthcoming dates for this year are 6th August, 10th September and 1st of October. For more details, you can contact me via the contact page here, or you can ask questions in the comments below.

My workshop in London on the 31st of August is booking well and there are only 3 spaces left. So if you would like to join me at the Mall galleries for a day of painting fruit in watercolour, don’t wait too long to book your ticket. Please click here for more information about the workshop, and click here for the booking page.

And of course I have a few dates coming up at my beloved West Dean College. Painting fruit and vegetables from the walled gardens and orchards from the 22nd to the 25th of September, painting a Christmas card in pen and ink and watercolour on the 1st of November, and painting succulents from the 22nd to the 24th of November. Then 3 days of pen and ink and watercolour from the 16th to the 19th of January 2020.

That should keep everyone busy!

Mr and Mrs Blackbird have now totally lost control of the situation. They managed to get everyone back in the nest a couple of times but their strategy is no longer working. With two parents and three chicks, there is always one who manages to escape. It is such a responsibility having a nest in the garden. I am constantly fluctuating between laughing at their antics, marveling at their beauty and cheekiness as they hop and tweet amongst the honeysuckle fronds, and feeling as stressed as the parents…

Happy painting!


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