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New in my Etsy shop: notebooks/sketchbooks/journals

Hello and happy, creative 2020!

There are some new things in my Etsy shop: a series of A5 notebooks with blank pages, recycled paper and card cover, and some of my paintings on the covers. They contain 76 pages and the spines are square so they stack well and sit easily on shelves or in refillable journals and fauxdoris.

I started with 4 designs: “Windswept Anemones”, ‘Ginkgo biloba”, “Hydrangea Promesse” and “Snow Hare”.

blog notebooks2020 4 designsThey are sold in my Etsy shop individually or in sets of 4 or more with the option of adding a hand-sewn linen gift bag. It doesn’t have to be one of each… you can pick any combination or even 4 of the same.

notebooks2020 blog spines

Please click on the following names to have a look at them in separate windows:

Hydrangea notebook, Ginkgo biloba notebook, Windswept Anemones notebook, Snow Hare notebook, set of several notebooks with optional linen gift bag

Happy writing/sketching/journaling!

3 thoughts on “New in my Etsy shop: notebooks/sketchbooks/journals”

  1. Sandrine, I am interested in these sketchbooks to take on holiday. Will they take a few layers of watercolour


    1. Hello Ann, The paper is not thick enough for painting… writing and drawing is fine but watercolours would make the paper buckle…


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