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Rose drawing challenge part 1

To keep you busy, I am starting sending some challenges your way. As we are the first of June, a rose challenge seems appropriate for the first one. This is how it works: I set a challenge and I give you a set time to get on with it. After the deadline, I will post some work I created for the challenge to show you some examples and give you a few tips.

The challenge has two levels: the public level (above), in which everyone can take part. You create your drawing and you can compare your work with the work I post at the end of the challenge, hopefully learning a few things from the tips and examples.

There is also a Patreon level, in which Patreon subscribers can send me their challenge. I will post three of them (on my Patreon site) with some feedback and a few tips as well. These three winners’ work will also be featured in a video, in which I will show the drawings, make comments and give advice. (I will post more information on my Patreon site with instructions on how to take part). There will also be a downloadable PDF to add to the folder, exclusively for the subscribers. So if you’re not a subscriber yet, you should consider it. It’s only £3/month (+VAT) and personal advice is a very effective way to learn. You also get access to all sorts of exclusive contents. Here is the link if you want to have a look:

Here is the challenge: roses come in eight different types of flower shapes. Find three types of roses and create a line drawing for each of them. You have one week. Next Monday, I will post some drawings and explain the 8 types of roses.

Happy drawing!

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