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Reds for painting poppies – Video tutorial

Layering different reds to get the right colour
(This example is painted using Daniel Smith colours)

Would you like to paint a poppy but you are not sure which reds to use? Then this video tutorial should help… Depending on the colour of your poppy, from bright scarlet to deep crimson, these four reds in different combinations will be sure to hit the right hue. You can layer them rather than mix them on the palette for optimal intensity.

If your poppy leans more toward orange, use more Pyrrol Scarlet; if it is a pure, strong red, use Pyrrol Red as your main colour; If you have a deep, darker subject, go with Anthraquinoid Red; if you can see some pink reflections, add some Quinacridone Coral as a glaze.

Here are some affiliate links (opening in new tabs) to the colours above:

Pyrrol Scarlet

Pyrrol Red

Anthraquinoid Red

Quinacridone Coral

If you like using different reds for your poppies, share them with us in the comments below…

Happy painting,


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