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A peek inside my new book

Hello everyone,

I received a mysterious parcel a few days ago, with a big Search Press label on it… My book isn’t due to be published until the end of July, so I didn’t know what the parcel was. It was an advanced copy! So after just over two years of intense work and a few months of waiting for it to be printed, I finally got a look at my new book Botanical Watercolours through the Seasons…

This first edition is a hardback and the paper is thick and heavy, so it feels quite a substantial tome to hold… Search Press have done a beautiful job in editing, designing and printing and I am delighted with the result… Now I can relax and enjoy it 😀

I am organising a competition on Patreon for a subscriber to win a signed copy. Please click for a link if you want to have a look at my Patreon teaching site. If you are thinking of joining, it is better to wait until the beginning of a month, so that you don’t pay twice in rapid succession…

Here are a couple of links to my new book on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon France:

Please click here for the link on Amazon US.
Please click here for the link on Amazon UK.
Please click here for the link on Amazon France.

In the meanwhile, do you want to have a peek inside? I made a video to show you…

Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “A peek inside my new book”

  1. Oh wow! My copy of your new book arrived today, I ordered it direct from Search Press. Have only had time for a quick look, but it’s going to be fantastic I know.

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