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Plant of the month – July 2016 – White lavender

Order:Lamiales Family:Lamiaceae Subfamily:Nepetoideae Genus:Lavandula Type: Hardy to tender, annual to perennial herbaceous plants or small shrubs Propagation: Cuttings or Seed (won’t come true in hybrids) Native to: Mediterranean Europe, Middle East and India Every year I have a new craze for my garden, a plant I never noticed before or didn’t use to like, which… Continue reading Plant of the month – July 2016 – White lavender


A list of slug-proof plants

As my garden is completely organic, slug pellets are prohibited. The organic status makes sure we have plenty of birds and lots of happy bees, but we also have a healthy population of snails and slugs. We also heard from the Hampshire Wildlife Trust that hedgehogs are dying by the thousands, killed by second-hand poisoning,… Continue reading A list of slug-proof plants