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My 12 essential colours in a paint set at Jackson’s Art Supplies

Have you ever wondered what essential colours you would choose if you were limited to 12? Jackson’s Art Supplies have put together a watercolour tubes set of my 12 essential colours, the Sandrine Maugy set. It wasn’t that straightforward because I use several brands…

Paint set jacksons photo

Most of them are Daniel Smith but 1 of them is Daler-Rowney (Permanent Rose) and 2 of them are Royal Talens Rembrandt (Sap Green and Permanent Red Violet). So they had to put together a special set for the listing in their online shop.

You can click here for the link to the paint set.

colour tun 4


And if you want a beautiful and useful tin box to keep your tubes in, I designed one with the colour wheel on the lid, matching the essential colours. (Please click here for the link to the box in my Etsy shop) With all that, your colour-mixing will be a piece of cake!


Happy painting!


4 thoughts on “My 12 essential colours in a paint set at Jackson’s Art Supplies”

  1. That looks lovely Sandrine. I’ve yet to try any DS watercolours, but am tempted. Very expensive, though I understand why. I’ve got a BIG birthday coming up soon, maybe I should put out some “hints”!

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    1. Hi Jenny, they are expensive but they are huge tubes. I like the fact that they are single pigments, it gives better saturation and lowers the risk of muddy colours. As for “hints”… that’s a risky little game… I find that they don’t necessarily work 😀


    1. They are great paints but the Daniel Smith tubes are huge, which makes the set expensive. I am preparing a set of half-pans of the same colours that I will sell in my Etsy shop. It will be a good way to try all the colours before committing to the big tubes 🙂


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