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New Holly tutorial in my Etsy online shop

PDFCWF02holly front page red jpeg

I don’t want to drop the C bomb, but Christmas IS coming…

I know that many of you will want to paint Christmas cards so I tried to ignore my it’stooearlyforChristmasphobia and I put together a Holly tutorial for those amongst you who are not afflicted and like to get their act together early. Holly trees are fruiting early this year, so if we wait too long there will be no subject left to paint.

This is a 12 page step-by-step tutorial, with a lot of wet-in-wet and a little bit of dry brush, and as usual quite a bit about colour-mixing. Please click here for the link.

PDFC WFB01holly back page jpeg red

I also want to thank the people who have bought me coffees recently, using the Paypal donation button in the right column. Thank you Mary, Pamela, Sharon, Vaughan and Jan, I really appreciate it. Jan bought me 3 in a row, I haven’t slept in a week, which is probably how I finished the Holly tutorial! I really want to keep my art blog and YouTube videos freely accessible and the Paypal donations and Etsy tutorials help me do it. Thank you.

And remember, Holly is not just for Christmas…

Happy painting!

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