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Anatomy of a tulip – Video

Here is the first video in my 2020 tulip phase. I go through one of these every year. Unfortunately this year my tulip craving will be hard to feed. The much anticipated crops of ‘Black Parrot’, ‘Burgundy’ and ‘Apricot Beauty’ I planted in my garden were all eaten by something unknown and mysterious, while West Dean Gardens with their wonderful collection will be out of reach for the foreseeable future. I have a non-impressive 2 survivors: the huge orange thing in this video and a tired, weirdly shaped ‘Apricot Beauty’ I planted a few years ago. Fortunately I have some generous and trustworthy friends who have promised to drop a few more interesting specimen on my doorstep…

This video should prepare you for the forthcoming tulip tutorials by explaining what bit goes where on the flower head and which direction the veining goes on the petals and the leaves. This is the sort of study I always do before starting on a new subject. It is always easier to be successful when you know what you are looking at and what you should be looking for.

There will also be some extra downloadable goodies for my Patreon subscribers but I will talk more about this in another post.

Happy watching!

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