Art Tutorials, News 2020

Patreon official launch

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well…

This is a post about 2 projects coming together… For a while I have been thinking about releasing tutorials as downloadable PDFs, which I started with a couple I sell in my Etsy shop, the Holly and the sunflower. The idea is that I release one in the wild from time to time, organising them in sections like they would be in a course binder or a book. Then the people downloading them can print them and build their binder, choosing which ones they fancy and which ones they don’t.

BLOG patreon launch tulip teaser

The other project is to create a Patreon account. This works in a Medici kind of way, except I probably won’t poison anyone. Patrons register on my Patreon page and give their support in the form of £3/ month. I kept the pledge low so that the content stays affordable. By becoming a patron you will have access to exclusive goodies and extra content. Today I uploaded a tutorial that goes with the “Anatomy of a tulip” video, with a botanical diagram and 10 tips to draw a tulip. Over time I will release more exclusive content on my Patreon page, including more tutorials, exclusive paint-along videos (longer videos with no speeding up), and tools to build your binder.

I believe in free education so I will still post free content here and on my YouTube channel. But I also need to make a bit of money, especially at the moment when all the face-to-face work no longer exists. By becoming a member of my Patreon site, you will not only support me… you will also support all the people who are passionate about our art and who learn with my videos and blog posts.

Please click here to have a look at my Patreon site. And a big thank you to the people who have already joined, even before the site was launched.

Thank you, stay well and happy painting!


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