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Drawing Garden Roses 1: flat single rose (Rose Drawing Challenge 2020 Part 2)

First I want to thank my Patreon subscribers for sending me their drawings for the challenge. I hope that many of you my blog readers have been drawing too…

I was going to publish my own three drawings in a single post/video, but the video ended up being almost one hour long… The last time I made a video this long, it took 48 hours to upload on YouTube… So I decided to change my plan and split the post in three parts, one for each rose type. This way each video will only be about 15 to 20 minutes long.

Working on these has been a challenge indeed, because the sparrow eggs have hatched and the chicks are out. The feeder in front of my studio window has been very busy with parents trying to keep up. The babies are waiting on the branches of the Magnolia grandiflora, demanding to be fed. They’re not very patient and the parents look a bit strained. I like this photo I took today because I was totally busted! I thought I was being clever hiding behind my painting table but the mother is looking straight at me… You can see the baby acting up “Look at poor little me, I am so hungry, please feed me!”, although he is twice her size… After I took this photo a sibling crash landed next to them and she had to feed at double speed.

Back to roses…

My first rose is a flat single rose. This is the simplest rose to draw because there are only five petals. I like to have these in the garden because they are the best for pollinators, the exposed stamen being easily accessible. When drawing a single rose, I start by drawing a circle. The open rose will fit right inside this circle and it will ensure that I don’t get out of proportion with my drawing. I then split the circle in five even areas for the petals. Roses have many stamen and also several carpels, so the centre is busy. If the petals are darker than the stamen, you can mask the whole centre area while painting the petals. Please click here to see a video on my YouTube channel that shows how to.

Here is the video tutorial of a flat single rose, including feedback on the drawings of two of my Patreon subscribers, Ann and Sophie.

Happy drawing!

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