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Re-usable washable botanical face masks in my Etsy shop

I was becoming concerned about the amount of single-use face masks being discarded all over the world, so I decided to have my own washable version printed. I am giving 10% of profits to Friends of the Earth to help them clear the mess left by tons of disposable masks.

I suspect that not many of us are happy to wear face masks, but we do have to in lots of places, so we might as well make them more environmentally friendly and pretty at the same time. I have done four patterns so far: Autumn Hydrangea, Black Dahlia, Echinacea & Ginkgo, and a colour wheel for days when you feel particularly creative.
These masks are comfortably quilted, machine washable and people can understand you when you talk while wearing them, which comes in useful… And as they can be washed over and over again, they end up costing less than the disposable ones in the end…

I did remove the signature from the paintings I used, because I thought it would be weird to have people walking around with my name on their face. 😀 Then random strangers on the bus or in the shops might have started calling you all Sandrine, which could also be awkward…

Please click here for the link to the listing in my Etsy shop.

Happy shopping!

4 thoughts on “Re-usable washable botanical face masks in my Etsy shop”

  1. Face masks. Sandrine taught a Group of artists to paint Echinacea. I noticed she had produced Face masks with her Echinacea design. I immediately ordered one. It arrived well ahead of the delivery date. It fits well. I have washed it after wear. It dried quickly and a benefit is that it does not need ironing. A good purchase.

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  2. They look lovely – I shall have to order one to go with my lovely Echinacea pencil case, which arrived safely yesterday. Thank you Sandrine for the enclosed cards, and beautifully wrapped birthday present to myself.

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    1. Thank you Jennifer, I am glad you like your pencil case. Happy birthday! 🙂 I am about to post a special offer for the masks during Hampshire Artists Open Studios, which start on Saturday. So if you decide to order some, better to wait for a couple of days 🙂


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