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Mixing all your greens from one tube – One simple trick

Are you struggling with your green mixes?

Here is a simple trick to get a range of greens from a single tube, adding only three primary colours that will already be in your painting, reducing the risk of mixing muddy colours.

If you are using my Harmonic Shadows method, you already have one of each primary colours in your palette, which mixed together are making the grey you are using for your shadows. Using the same primaries and adding them to your ready-made base green, you can mix a wide range of greens for different areas of the painting.

Base green: Hooker’s Green
Primaries: Hansa Yellow Light, Permanent Rose and Phthalo Blue Red Shade

As a general rule, whichever primaries and base green you are using, this is the trick:

The yellow will lighten your base green

The red will mute down (de-saturate) your base green

The blue will darken your base green

Here is a video to show you how it works:

I will also write a hand-out on the subject and make a longer video for my Patreon subscribers here.

Happy painting!

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