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Etsy shop – Revamped

Hello everyone,

Nothing like a heatwave to motivate me to revamp my Etsy shop. The sky is so blue it hurts the eyes, the birds are snoozing in the Magnolia grandiflora, and a cloud of butterflies is grudgingly but always elegantly sharing the Lavenders with the buff-tailed bumblebees. I am sun-soaked, full of beans and feeling positive about life in general.

So what’s new in my shop? I have listed more paintings, from 10×10 cms deckle-edged small paintings to larger works and I have added more designs to my face masks collection. I also redesigned the shop now that I understand better how it works, and I can now take card payments when customers buy things in person in my studio or when I run workshops.

Hampshire Artists Open Studios is coming up, starting Saturday 22nd of August, running for a week. I am still listing paintings every day ready for the event. This year it is mainly happening virtually, with the official entry on the HAOS website rather than in a brochure. Visits in person will be by appointment only, so that not too many people end up visiting at the same time. During the Open Studio week I will publish a series of special offers to use in my shop, and a special extra discount for my Patreon subscribers. More to follow soon…

Happy shopping!

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