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Technique tutorial: adding texture to leaves

Happy equinox everyone! Yesterday was the first day of autumn over here and first day of spring for those of you who live on the other side of the world. And as if the skyes themselves knew it, the temperature suddenly dropped ten degrees…

This is the season when I start walking with my eyes on the ground, always looking for golden treasures fallen from the trees. The first one to attract my attention this year was an oak leaf. I am preparing a video tutorial as well as a PDF version but while I am working on that (oh the joy brought by hours of editing miles of footage), here is a short technique video about adding texture with a dry brush. As you know I am more of a wet-in-wet kind of person, but sometimes the beautiful softness of wet washes is not enough to show the crispiness or roughness of some subjects.

Here is the video tutorial:

Please click here for a link to my YouTube channel for more videos.

Please click here for a link to my Patreon site for more exclusive contents (including a 50 minutes paint-along video tutorial of the oak leaf)

Happy painting!

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