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New name for my YouTube channel


I wanted to let you know that I have renamed my YouTube channel. So don’t look for the channel Flora’s Patch, it is no longer there…

People were telling me that they had trouble finding my videos because Flora’s Patch didn’t really mean anything to them. I thought that was a fair comment. So now I have my 1000 subscribers, it gave me a good excuse to do what I had been thinking of doing for a while, but putting it off because it was kind of complicated: I changed the channel’s name. It is now called Atelier Sandrine Maugy. It should make it easier to find my tutorials and all the other videos I upload on there. One downside is that all my previous comments were lost in the transfer, erased with the old name. So if you asked a question and I answered, as I always do :), I hope you wrote down the answer because it has now gone forever, lost in the abyss of deep and dark cyberspace. You can ask again though… I read the comments a couple of times a week and I keep an eye on things.

Here is the new customised link:

See you there and happy painting!

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