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Unexpected design in the shopping area

Good sunny afternoon!

If you read my blog, you all know that I love watching the antics of the birds in my garden. You probably also know that I love working wet-on-wet with watercolours. You might even have noticed that I am in love with a Daniel Smith colour called Moonglow.

You might not know that I hold a fascination for the moon and that I love walking in the fog. Under all the brightly coloured flowers I paint, there is a dark(ish) side. Once a Goth, always a Goth… Every so often it comes back through to the surface and then THIS happens: a fabric design with a wet-on-wet full moon, a flock of birds in the mist and a monochrome design on a stormy sky. I orignally had it printed on fabric to make myself a bag, but then noticed that it was just the right format for a tea towel. You can find it in my online Etsy shop here.

If you feel more traditional with your kitchen decor and if the Christmas mood has already descended upon you, there is also a new Holly design.

Happy shopping!

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