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New level launched on my Patreon site

Hello everyone,

It has been almost a year since I launched my Patreon site and I thought it was time for a revamp.

Today I launched a new level. This new tier has all the contents of the first tier plus some extras. The emphasis of the extra material is on preparation work such as colour-mixing, composition, sketchbooks, and also a peek at what I am up to with a monthly update about the projects I am working on. This new tier also gives £5 off every course I run online!

I also changed the names of the tiers: my two passions in art are plants and colour so the tiers are now named after flowers that are also colour names. The first tier-formerly-known-as-Leaf (still £3/month) is now Violet, the second tier (£9/month) is Lavender and the third and fourth tiers will be Rose and Lilac. I am not creating these two upper tiers yet because they will involve even more work and I really need to finish my book before I take on that much more work. 🙂

I have already posted two items on this new level: a video tutorial of colour-mixing for a purple Viola and an accompanying downloadable PDF about colour-mixing, palette and mini tutorial. I hope that you will enjoy this new direction and I am sending a huge thank you to all the people who are supporting my art on Patreon…

Happy painting!

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