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My favourite colours in my Etsy shop

Hello everyone!

I finally got round to it, after talking about it for a long time, I listed some of my little mobile shop I take to courses in my online Etsy shop. This means that you can now get my favourite colours in small quantities rather than shelling out for big 15ml tubes before you know if you like a colour or not.

I use Daniel Smith paints, because I love their single pigment colours and the high quality of their paints. On top of that they are also an ethical company and compared to other paint manufacturers are always two steps ahead in that regard. They ditched all the Cadmiums from their range a while ago, which was a brave move and quite a stand to make in support of the environment. Their paints are also vegan (apart from one black pigment), which is a shame… They are so close to being all vegan, I think they should ditch that last one.

Their paints are good value considering the tubes are 15ml (they have a very limited range of 5ml), but these are big tubes and a bit of an investment when unsure about a colour. You know you can trust me as far as pigments are concerned… I have done my research and all the paints I use are lightfast, transparent, single-pigment, environmentally-friendly and vegan. But when it comes to colour, there is another factor: taste! Just because a paint is high quality, it doesn’t mean everyone likes the colour. Does anyone not adore my favourite, obsession worthy Perylene Violet? 😀

I listed three options in my Etsy shop:

  • A paper palette with big dots (dollops?) of 12 essential colours, with a colour wheel on the other side
  • Individual half-pans, which I poured myself, so don’t expect a smooth surface with these ones. It turns out I might not be an expert paint pourer… But that’s still a lot of paint.
  • A box set of 12 colours in a lovely little tin (no plastic palettes here) nesting in a linen bag

You can click here for the link to all these delicious colourful goodies to open in a new page.

There are dollop cards drying on all the shelves in the house, I had better get back to them…

Happy shopping!

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