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Viola botanical painting tutorial


This is Monday, shall we start the week with a painting tutorial?

I posted the drawing tutorial of this little Viola a couple of weeks ago. The original flower died on me (they always do, I am not fast enough…) but fortunately there were plenty of them in the pot, well-protected in the porch. The yield seems endless so i plucked another one for the painting tutorial.

I also wrote a downloadable PDF tutorial, which you can find in my online Etsy shop by clicking here. If you are a Patreon subscriber or thinking of joining before the 15th of February, don’t buy the tutorial in the shop as you will get it for free on Patreon. It will stay there for a week, ready to be downloaded as a special offer for new subscribers and as a bonus for my existing members. This Viola video tutorial is about 15 minutes on Youtube, but on Patreon it is around 1 hour 10 minutes, showing every step without speeding up and without skipping. There is also a bonus video on painting the bud coming soon.

Viola tricolor


Now for the colours: I used Phthalo Blue Red Shade + Perylene Violet + Hansa Yellow Deep for the shadow mix. The back petals are painted with a dark maroon purple mix of Perylene Violet + Phthalo Blue Red Shade. I also sandwiched a layer of Quinacridone Lilac in there, for a bit of intensity. The bottom petal is Hansa Yellow Deep with a glaze of Quinophthalone Yellow. The side petals are layered with Hansa Yellow Light and Hansa Yellow Deep. The markings are painted dry with the same mix as the back petals.

Enjoy the video:

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