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New type of online class: it’s Painting Day!

Greetings fellow painters,

Blue Anemone, work in progress

The online classes are getting into a nice rhythm and they are proving popular, so I am back with more but different: the Painting Day. The format and whole ambience will be different from the other classes. The session will be longer so there will be time to do more. We will spend a whole day painting together, but the subject will be student-led. The idea is to have an open studio atmosphere, where I work and demonstrate on my painting and the participants work on their own subjects. We all paint together (with the camera on my work table so you can see everything I do on my painting) and whenever you have a question or you need advice, I am right there to help, demonstrate something you need, or give advice. Other participants might have tips too. A few days before the Painting Day I will send an email to let you know what I will be working on, in case you choose to do something similar. But the contents of each day will be guided by you and what you choose to paint or draw. The numbers are limited to six participants, so there will be plenty of time for individual tuition where needed.

This is a pilot so the details might change, but  this is how it goes for Painting Day One:

Date: Tuesday 13 April

Time (UK): 10.30am to 3.30pm, with short tea breaks and a lunch break. 

Cost: £35 (£30 for Patreon subscribers on the Lavender tier)

Number of participants: 6 maximum, for maximum interaction and individual support.

You can book or get more information by sending me a message via the website contact form here.

I hope you join me for a whole day of painting together… Once your Painting Day is on, nothing can get in the way! 🙂

Best wishes, Sandrine

4 thoughts on “New type of online class: it’s Painting Day!”

  1. Hi Sandrine, I hope you are keeping well. What a great idea, the Painting Day! I won’t be able to do it as I am delivering online training myself that day but I have been thinking about taking a few lessons with you. Can you tell me a little more about how they work? I like the idea of 3 so I can have a classroom. Does 3 hour-long sessions work better, a mix or half-hour ones? How far apart would you recommend? I have a rough idea of where I would particularly welcome your guidance. I wouldn’t be ready for them until after Easter, possibly later, so there is not great hurry for you to reply.

    Best wishes,


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    1. Hi Margaret, I think that a mix works well, depending on the subject. Some subjects can be satisfactorily covered in a half-hour session, some need an hour. The frequency depends on how much time you can dedicate to assignments in between the sessions. If you send me an email when you’re ready, we can put together a programme. See you soon! Best wishes, Sandrine


  2. Dear Sandrine Yes please to this class – I’ll work round my other commitment – if there’s a place still. Payment via PayPal? Warm regards Mary

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