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Online classes – April 2021


We are starting to ease the lockdown in the UK today and we have a glorious week of sunshine to celebrate!

This also means great light to paint and film… I am going into a pattern of three online classes a month. One 1 hour class (art lesson related to drawing or technique/colour) + one 2 hour session (paint-along tutorial of a specific subject) + one Painting Day (4 hours with the participants not necessarily painting the same subject as I do. This longer session is limited to six participants so I can give a lot of individual attention and add individual targeted demonstrations to the teaching sessions.)

Here are the dates for April (all times UK times):

Painting Day – Tuesday 13 April – 10.30am to 3.30pm – I will be working on various tulips I started during other classes, showing initial wet-in-wet washes as well as later stages of the paintings and dry brush details – £35

1 hour session – Tuesday 20 April – 6 to 7pm – Exercises in tone and form – £12 – This sounds like I’m going to make do series of sit-ups but it’s all about light and dark affecting form

2 hour session – Saturday 24 April – Painting bluebells – 10am to 12pm – £20

You can book by sending me a message via the contact page here.

As usual, Patreon subscribers on the Lavender tier get £5 off all of these classes. If you are thinking of joining Patreon and booking classes, please let me know but don’t join Patreon before the 1st of April. Their system charges new members on the day they join and then on the first of each month, so if you join at the end of the month you end up making two payments in quick succession.

The next Painting Day will be transatlantic time-friendly, as quite a few of you are not on UK time and find it difficult to do the earlier classes, especially the full days. It will be on Friday 14th of May from 2 to 6.30pm UK time, so depending on your time zone, the break in the middle will be a brunch/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner break… 

I will try to vary times, days and week days/week-end dates to reach as many of you as I can. If none of these days and times are suitable for your time zone or schedule and you would like to join a class, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will try to include different times in the class schedule. 

I look forward to seeing you online soon,

Best wishes,


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