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Paperback edition of Colours of Nature coming out soon and free online painting class for Patreon subscribers

Hello everyone,

The new edition of my first book Colours of Nature is coming out soon and I just received the advanced copy. And here comes my second unboxing video! 😀

To celebrate my book coming out in a paperback edition, I decided to have a little celebration with my Patreon subscribers. The support I get on Patreon has become a big part of my art, especially in this past year. As a thank you, I am going to run a free online class exclusively for my subscribers. We will paint Forget-me-nots, as they are plentiful at the moment and their name seems wildly appropriate.

The class is planned for this coming Wednesday 5 May from 6 to 7pm. As an evening class, it should be available to most of you, whether you work or whether you are on the other side of an ocean.   

So if you have been thinking of joining my Patreon site, now could be a good time 🙂 If you join before Wednesday evening, you can join us for the free online class… You can have a look at my Patreon site by clicking here.

I really look forward to seeing you there, meeting up again with my online classes regulars and also hopefully meeting subscribers I haven’t met before.

Please click here for a link to the paperback edition of Colours of Nature on Amazon.

And here is the unboxing video:

Happy painting!


2 thoughts on “Paperback edition of Colours of Nature coming out soon and free online painting class for Patreon subscribers”

  1. I already have the hardback version, so I have no excuse to buy the soft-back one, unfortunately ! I agree with you that the cover is nicer, but I’m glad they kept the rest of the format the same.

    Am very much enjoying using the paintbox of Daniel Smith paints that I purchased from you. btw, lovely selection.

    So looking forward to your new book.


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