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Testing and reviewing Daniel Smith MAYAN YELLOW

Hello everyone, it’s been a while!

I have been working on my next book, writing articles for Artists & Illustrators Magazine, working for my Patreon site and also working on a massively exciting project with Fabriano… I love their papers, I like their ethics and the people I am in touch with at Fabriano are awesome. So I am very excited about the project and will tell you more about it later…

In between all this, Daniel Smith sent me some paints to try and yesterday I intensively tested, compared, mixed and reviewed Mayan Yellow.

Mayan Yellow is made of a single pigment. PY223 is transparent, lightfast, non-granulating and non-staining. Daniel Smith call it “saturated” but I don’t think it is that bright compared to other yellows in my palette. In mixes it gave muted greens, which is not surprising considering it is an orange-biased yellow. What was more surprising is that it also gave fairly muted range of oranges.

If you want to see all the mixes and comparisons, here is the video:

Happy painting!

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