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Botanical art tutorial: pink and yellow rose petal

Hello everyone,

There is a new tutorial in town!

We are in full rose season and I couldn’t resist painting a petal of this fascinating pink and yellow beauty. This is a really good subject to practice a different kind of colour-mixing, using layering of pure colours to mix by transparency rather than in the palette. It’s a lot of fun and the results are glowing colours and dreamy softness.

The downloadable written version is available in my Etsy shop by clicking here.

As usual, my existing Patreon subscribers (and the newbies joining in the next three months) get the downloadable written tutorial for free, as well as a longer paint-along version of the video tutorial, which is exclusive to Patreon.

You can check out my Patreon site by clicking here.

Here is the YouTube video:

Happy painting!

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