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Botanical art tutorial: conker in watercolour

Hello everyone,

Well, it has been a while! I have been busy working on my book and also doing work for my Patreon site, so my website here has been feeling a little neglected… It was worth it though: my Patreon site is flourishing with lots of new subscribers coming in all the time and a base of long-term loyal ones with whom it is always such a pleasure to interact in messages and online sessions.

And… I finally finished my book! Well… the paintings are all done and the writing is all done too but we’re still editing and putting a few last things into place. But the pressure has definitely eased off and the rest of the work is small things and a lot of interaction with my editor Beth, who is pretty awesome and great to work with 🙂 Going to press in mid-January, so everything will have to be done by then.

The October project on Patreon was conkers. I made a series of seven video tutorials, painting two conkers, one being in its spiky shell. If you would like to see the full project (ad-free), please click here to check out my Patreon site. The lower level is only £3/month. I also made a shorter version of the tutorial for the conker on the left for my YouTube channel and I am uploading it for you here. The colours for the brown mixes are Quinacridone Burnt Orange (if you don’t have that one, you can use Burnt Sienna) + Perylene Violet + Indanthrone Blue. These 3 also make a beautiful shadow colour when mixed together. The richer brown has more of the Quinacridone Burnt Orange in it and the darker, cooler brown contains more Indanthrone Blue. I also used Buff Titanium and Titanium White for the top.

The downloadable PDF tutorial will be ready soon to buy in my Etsy shop and it will also be posted for free on Patreon. I will make another post when it’s ready…

In the meanwhile, here is the video:

Please don’t hesitate to use the comments here or on YouTube if you have any questions or suggestions…

Happy Painting!

3 thoughts on “Botanical art tutorial: conker in watercolour”

    1. Aaahh… tu regardes vraiment jusqu’au bout! 😀 C’est la deuxième fois qu’on les voit, ca vaut vraiment le coup. Ils étaient la tous les quatre 🙂 Le marron moi non plus ca ne me branchait pas trop, c’est un choix d’élève sur Patreon, mais une fois que tu regardes les couleurs de près, c’est super joli…


      1. Oui bien sûr que je regarde jusqu’à la toute fin !
        Bon là maintenant, je ne dis pas que je ferai un marron mais c’est toujours bien de te regarder peindre . Les couleurs ont l’air belles effectivement mais elles pourraient être sur … un écureuil !

        Liked by 1 person

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