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Viola video tutorial for Fabriano


A few months ago I started a project with Fabriano: they commissioned me to make a series of video tutorials, the first one being for the Big Draw Festival 2021 and the next two for their YouTube channel. I was chuffed to work with Fabriano. Their watercolour paper is the best and their company has good environmental and ethical policies. Fabriano Artistico is a vegan-friendly paper, all of which fits right in with my endeavour to run an ethical art practice. it turns out that the people I am working with are really nice too, so I hope that this collaboration will go on for a bit longer 🙂

The first tutorial is a purple and blue Viola. Originally it was posted on the Fabriano Festival del Disegno site, which is the Italian version of the Big Draw. Now it is on their YouTube channel, available for everyone to watch. If you like my tutorials and you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth going over there. Here is how…

This is a short video to explain the project. At the end of the video, a thumbnail of the full Viola tutorial title page appears. Click on it and it will take you to the full tutorial on the Fabriano channel.

Happy Painting!

2 thoughts on “Viola video tutorial for Fabriano”

    1. Hello Elaine, At the end of the video, there are two boxes on the screen: on the right you have a circular one with my channel logo to subscribe and one the left the thumbnail for the full Viola tutorial. If you click on this rectangle thumbnail on the left, you will get to the tutorial on the Fabriano channel. 🙂


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