News 2022

Hampshire Artists Open Studios

Hi everyone,

The first picture is on the wall, hurray!!

Hampshire Artists Open Studios is starting at the end of this week… It is absolutely frantic around here right now, trying to get everything ready. As I write this, the paper cups have just been delivered, so at least if nothing else, we can have a drink! Every time I take part I say “Next time, we’ll start preparations earlier” but nothing changes… It always ends up being a wild rush, with the final vacuuming (this is a weird word to write…) happening five minutes before the doors open. I’m trying not to panic because so far we’ve always made it in time, but I wish I would listen to my wiser self and allow more time… I know… Wishful thinking… If I was ever going to get wise, it would have happened by now… 🙂

If you would like an invitation to the preview, please send me a message by clicking here and I will email you an invitation. The preview is Friday 19th August from 6 to 8pm. Then the studio is open Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5, and Monday from 2 to 6.

Please click here for a link to the offical listing on the HAOS website, with all the info. If you live close enough to Southampton and you’re free this week-end, I would love to see you!

See you soon,


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