News 2022

Open Studio 2022 – Virtual tour

Hi everyone,

Hampshire Open Studios is in full swing! I know so many of you are an ocean (or two) away so I filmed a virtual tour for you… The public opening is now over but I am still receiving visitors by appointment until the end of the event. If you wish to pop in for a drink of Fizzy Rhubarb (it’s totally a thing and it has been so very popular with my guests these past few days…) you can email me at

The flow of visitors was constant while the door was open and it was truly wonderful to meet so many people… I thought that in between visitors I would paint and film the next episode of my Patreon summer project, which will be the sixth video of the Rosa Mundi paint-along tutorial, but it was so busy I haven’t touched a brush since last Thursday! After closing time I have just been crashing on the sofa and crawling up to bed by 9pm…

Happy watching!

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