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New video: testing the synthetic squirrel brush ‘Neptune’

Good stormy, rainy morning! I made a new video about the 'Neptune'. It shows the road test in different conditions. As well as seeing the brush performance it gives you a chance to see me demonstrate wet-in-wet and pretty extreme dry brush techniques, while painting a quince and some blackbirds. I really put that brush… Continue reading New video: testing the synthetic squirrel brush ‘Neptune’

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Princeton Neptune synthetic squirrel – Brush review

I hadn’t tried any Princeton brushes before Jackson’s sent me some to test for my Veganuary blog. These Neptune series 4750 brushes are faux squirrel rather than the faux sables I usually use. On the round brushes, the varnished handle shows the wood grain, in deep mahogany tones and satin finish. The flat brushes have… Continue reading Princeton Neptune synthetic squirrel – Brush review

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The best synthetics brushes

When I started painting, there was no comparison between sable and synthetic brushes. The sables were much higher quality. There was also this idea going around that you were not a proper artist if you didn’t have the most expensive sables in your toolkit. This view is now obsolete, but myths are hard to kill…… Continue reading The best synthetics brushes