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New video: testing the synthetic squirrel brush ‘Neptune’

Good stormy, rainy morning!

I made a new video about the ‘Neptune’. It shows the road test in different conditions. As well as seeing the brush performance it gives you a chance to see me demonstrate wet-in-wet and pretty extreme dry brush techniques, while painting a quince and some blackbirds. I really put that brush through the wringer… how did it do?

You can find out here…

Link to the video on my YouTube channel:

For a link to the brush on the Jackson’s website, click here.

Happy painting!

2 thoughts on “New video: testing the synthetic squirrel brush ‘Neptune’”

  1. What a lovely painting of quinces you are working on here! You didn’t mention the ‘mermaid’ brush in your review (for obvious reasons) but I imagine it would be great to own just because of the look and feel.


    1. Thanks Marsha! I only used the mermaid brush for the water so far, because it’s a flat brush and I don’t use them that much. But the feel and softness is just as good as the round brushes, so the review of the round brush applies to the mermaid too 🙂


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