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Tea towels in my Etsy shop

I love tea towels! Every time I visit a beautiful garden or a donkey sanctuary, I come back home with a new one…KTow rudb2

So I had some printed with my designs: fruit, vegetables, flowers, leaves… and a snow hare. They are made of a cotton & linen blend and printed all over, from a pesticide-free natural yarn that has a lower environmental impact than paper towels and will last for years to come. They measure 50 x 70 cms. And they have a little hanging loop in the corner. And they are printed in the UK. And free postage in the UK, and not much postage elsewhere.

And… for a limited time, there is a special offer on 3 of them, mix & match your designs! Designs currently available: pears, cauliflower, Ginkgo leaves, black tulips, Echinacea + Ginkgo, Poppy and hare.

KTow poppy1Each design name above should contain a link to individual ones, and here is a link to my Etsy shop and the tea towels:

Good thing I took the pictures in the garden yesterday, because with the mega storm we are having today, they wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds on the clothes line. That storm is also the reason I am here on a Sunday morning instead of potting around in the garden, although I might venture out later…

Happy shopping!

KTow banner

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