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Viola botanical painting tutorial

Hello, This is Monday, shall we start the week with a painting tutorial? I posted the drawing tutorial of this little Viola a couple of weeks ago. The original flower died on me (they always do, I am not fast enough...) but fortunately there were plenty of them in the pot, well-protected in the porch.… Continue reading Viola botanical painting tutorial

Plant of the month

Plant of the month: Winter Honeysuckle – February 2020

Order: Dipsacales Family: Caprifoliaceae Genus: Lonicera Species: L. fragrantissima Type: Deciduous shrub Propagation: Seed, greenwood cuttings in summer or hardwood cuttings in autumn Native to: China This plant of the month is not particularly spectacular, nor is it colourful or unusual. But as I lay convalescing from surgery on my feet (both at the same time, that's pretty… Continue reading Plant of the month: Winter Honeysuckle – February 2020

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New Holly tutorial in my Etsy online shop

I don't want to drop the C bomb, but Christmas IS coming... I know that many of you will want to paint Christmas cards so I tried to ignore my it'stooearlyforChristmasphobia and I put together a Holly tutorial for those amongst you who are not afflicted and like to get their act together early. Holly… Continue reading New Holly tutorial in my Etsy online shop

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Ginkgo Leaf part 3 – Watercolour wash

The ink has dried, the leaf is ready for some colour. Using a very soft brush (synthetic squirrel is a good option) and working wet-in-wet, I am using Yellow Ochre as a base, with some Hansa Yellow Light and Burnt Sienna. I had originally planned to use Quinacridone Gold but decided later it wasn't needed.… Continue reading Ginkgo Leaf part 3 – Watercolour wash

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Ginkgo leaf part 1: drawing

I have been painting a lot of Ginkgo biloba leaves, some from my own tree in the garden, others from the beautiful pair of trees outside the orangery in West Dean Gardens. There is something fascinating about a prehistoric tree. You can just imagine it surrounded by Diplodocus and Stegosaurus in the fading Jurassic light,… Continue reading Ginkgo leaf part 1: drawing