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Re-usable washable botanical face masks in my Etsy shop

I was becoming concerned about the amount of single-use face masks being discarded all over the world, so I decided to have my own washable version printed. I am giving 10% of profits to Friends of the Earth to help them clear the mess left by tons of disposable masks. I suspect that not many… Continue reading Re-usable washable botanical face masks in my Etsy shop

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Painting stamen using masking fluid

With all the roses in the garden, it was only a mater of minutes before I succumbed to the urge of painting one of them. I chose 'Odyssey', a pale lilac open rose with large blooms and lovely perfume. In order to keep the yellow and crimson stamen fresh and vivid, I decided to use… Continue reading Painting stamen using masking fluid

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Tea towels in my Etsy shop

I love tea towels! Every time I visit a beautiful garden or a donkey sanctuary, I come back home with a new one... So I had some printed with my designs: fruit, vegetables, flowers, leaves... and a snow hare. They are made of a cotton & linen blend and printed all over, from a pesticide-free… Continue reading Tea towels in my Etsy shop