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Holly video tutorial


Just in time for Christmas, I uploaded a Holly video tutorial on my YouTube channel Atelier Sandrine Maugy. I also made a longer, paint-along version, which is made of four episodes with a running total of 1 h 42 minutes. This is a lot of footage to edit, which is why the video is just in time for Christmas and not a couple of weeks before, as I had originally planned. That and the fact that it has been raining so much, I couldn’t catch any decent light to film the painting sessions…

If you are a Patreon subscriber, you have already seen the four episodes, which I started posting a couple of weeks ago. If you are not on Patreon but you still like paint-along tutorials, which do contain a lot more information and demonstrations (this one shows everything), I listed the video tutorial in my Etsy shop here. It is a PDF containing the secret links to the unlisted paint-along videos as well as the public YouTube tutorial. Altogether it’s more than two hours of tuition! It also contains the palette with equivalents in different brands and a blank colour chart to print and paint. Remember, if you are a Patreon subscriber or if you are planning to join soon, don’t buy it… It’s already on the Patreon site 🙂

That’s it for me in 2020… I wish you all as good a Christmas as we can have this year, with a big virtual hug coming your way. Let 2021 be a healthy, happy and creative year for all of us!

With my very best wishes,


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