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Happy 2021!


I’m back for 2021, full of projects and ideas to keep myself and hopefully most of you busy until we’re free to roam again… and beyond!

Thank you for the company!

With my very best wishes, Sandrine

2 thoughts on “Happy 2021!”

  1. Hello Sandrine and a very happy new year to you too. I had been wondering if you would consider painting my daughter’s wedding bouquet, I had tried to do it but it was terrible. I found if much too difficult. I could send you a picture? I hope you don’t mind me asking, I didn’t know if you did that sort of thing but I thought I would check. Warm wishes, Debra x

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    1. Hi Debra, so nice to hear from you! Happy 2021! I am sending you an email so we can chat and catch up… 🙂


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