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Botanical Drawing tutorial – Viola/Pansy

There isn’t much in the way of flowers in UK gardens at the moment (the Southern Hemisphere painters amongst you are probably doing better) but Violas and pansies there are aplenty around here… I have been working on a page of small Violas for a few years and it is time to add a couple of these jewel-like flowers, and even who knows, finish the painting!

In other news, as the one-to-one online classes are going well, I am starting a trial for group sessions. The first one will for my Patreon subscribers and is free. I have set up the equipment and I am getting experience with Google Meet. I am using this rather than Zoom because I also use Google Classrooms, which is a brilliant teaching tool. Anyone booking three or more lessons gets their own classroom, in which I can upload handouts, documents and copies of demonstrations done during the class as well as assignments. Students can also upload their work so I can see their assignments and give feedback. It is so organised, I love it… the only missing thing is colour-coding 😀

See you soon for the painting of the Viola…

Happy painting!

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