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Tea towels in my Etsy shop

I love tea towels! Every time I visit a beautiful garden or a donkey sanctuary, I come back home with a new one... So I had some printed with my designs: fruit, vegetables, flowers, leaves... and a snow hare. They are made of a cotton & linen blend and printed all over, from a pesticide-free… Continue reading Tea towels in my Etsy shop

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Plant of the month – April 2018 – Muscari

Order:                   Asparagales Family:                  Asparagaceae Subfamily:            Scilloideae Genus:                  Muscari Common Name:   Grape Hyacinth Type:                      Perennial bulb Soil:                       Chalk, clay, sand, loam Ph:                         Acid, alkaline, neutral Aspect:                  Full sun / partial shade Propagation:         Seed of bulb division Native to:               Central and… Continue reading Plant of the month – April 2018 – Muscari