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New YouTube video – Masking fluid tests, abridged version (with surprise guest)

Hello everyone,

Another sunny day in the UK, filled with the smell of Rosa ‘Jasmina’ as she gently sways in the breeze, giving off waves of warm rose perfume. She really is a spectacular rose.

RosaJasmina3The baby sparrows have started their yearly invasion. They are so less reasonable than their parents. For a few weeks they will entertain us with their antics, flying like bricks across the garden and landing on totally inappropriate perches, not yet aware of what can or cannot support their fluffy weight. They land on slender stems and go right down to the ground, not light enough to stay up but not heavy enough to break anything. They take off again as if bouncing on a trampoline, disorientated but not scared enough to sit still for even a minute. It is unimaginable that these tiny throats only a few millimetres long can produce such a racket. The parents follow with beaks full of seeds and flappings full of disapproval.

I posted another masking fluid video on YouTube, a shorter version of the tests I filmed earlier. In this abridged version (only about 5 minutes), I focused on the results rather than the process, marking the 10 brands on a series of criteria such as fluidity, ease of application and removal, colour, damage to the paper, precision of the unmasked marks, etc. The video is not exactly what you’re expecting. It kind of turned into something else as I was filming. The masking fluid tests results are definitely in there but they’re not alone… I had a lot of fun filming this. The longer version was 36 minutes long and entirely serious. I couldn’t take any more seriousness. The baby sparrows must be rubbing off on me.

Here is a link:

Happy watching!

2 thoughts on “New YouTube video – Masking fluid tests, abridged version (with surprise guest)”

  1. Entertaining & fun! I thought it was a bunny in the hedgerow! Have you seen the T Rex Taco Holders? If you enjoy tacos, I think they’ll be right up your alley! Google them. I think I will try the W/N masking fluid – I have the Fineline, which has the needle applicator (bubbles often), 8 on the fluid meter, 3 on the color, 7 on application & 7-8 on removal. I paint detailed botanicals with stamens, veins; that sort of stuff. Thanks for putting all this together, Sandrine “Spielberg”. You’re an artist/filmmaker.


    1. I looked at the taco holders, they’re so good! There’s a Triceratop one too. A Stegosaurus would be even better, with the triangular corn chips for the spine plates… I also found a T-Rex business card holder that came up in the search. I might not resist for very long 🙂 Thank you for sharing your ratings of the Fineline masking fluid. This is very useful 🙂


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