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Daffodil drawing tutorial

It feels very spring like today over here, although there are still fifteen days of winter to go until the equinox and the official start of the spring season. The daffodils are really glowing in the sun, showing their best mixes of Hansa Yellow Light and Hansa Yellow Deep… A touch of Quinophthalone Yellow in the trumpet?

The robin I was telling you about yesterday is happier today. I accidentally “abandoned” another dish next to Mrs Blackbird’s private spa so they can now perform their synchronised swimming without sharing a pool and with no one getting pecked. He is ecstatic!

I originally made a daffodil drawing video tutorial in preparation for a live class: I uploaded the tutorial in the virtual classroom to help participants get ready for the painting live session. This is a slightly different version of the tutorial, while my Patreon subscribers have a longer one that includes a bit of artist botany and the drawing of a bud. Daffodils can be a bit tricky to draw but with a bit of geometry to help, it gets easier. A circle and a couple of lines and you’re good to go!

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Happy drawing!

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